Bicycles are deeply rooted in today‘s society and are produced in various shapes and forms. Technically, there should be a bicycle for everyone. Despite, what happens if you are simply not able to cycle anymore? As losing physical mobility is one of many reasons elderly become dependent or lonely.
rita investigates how we can reintroduce unused or broken bicycles back into the lives of elderly people. To improve their mobility and enhance the contact with their grandchildren we make use of a gamified and shared experience of cycling.
With rita you have the ability to transform your old bicycle into a low-effort home exercise combined with a motivational game. The game let’s you quickly challenge your grandchildren to a competitive cycling race. Making it easier for you to keep on cycling, and them to pay you a visit - as long as they can keep up with your pace of course!​​​​​​​
rita was presented at Blue City Lab in Rotterdam as part if the minor exhibitions of the Willem de Kooning Academy.

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