My Portfolio

Since a few years, I’m trusting Saal-Digital when it comes to printing my photos. They’re fast, the quality is perfff’ and they have nice paper options to chose from. So obviously I was pretty pumped about being able to test one of their photobooks (yessss!).

Designing and Ordering

I wanted to create some sort of portfolio book for my commercial work and decided to add just a few photos to it. The designing process was easy peasy with their build in layout program. However, if you feel the need to design everything to your ultimate needs than there is also a way to upload your very own version of the book via a PDF.
As always, I was a bit lazy so I decided to give their program a little try. I was surprised about the user-friendliness. They have a lot of options to chose from to personalize the book and through the use of digital rulers, I was able to maintain a perfectly aligned layout. One min-point however, was the small options of fonts that come in the package, so I had to save pre-written texts as a .jpg and added them later.

As easy as the design process, was ordering the book – everything just happens in the Saal-Digital program. And after 3 days of camping in front of my front door, I finally received my photobook. How incredibly fast is that!?

The Book

I decided to go for the matte cover option which does not only look super nice, it also feels super soft. And even though it has a matte finish, the bw-image still looks pretty neat with remaining detail in the blacks and shadows. *You may judge this book by its cover!

Here a few more plusses:

  1. Saal-Digital photobooks come with a layflat-binding, which means that there won’t be any weird fold in the middle. So you can even place a photo over a full spread without getting any distortions.
  2. They won’t print any logo on the book, just a tiny tiny barcode at the back. And if that is still irritating you, you can get rid of it by paying just about 5€ more.
  3. You can add and delete pages. So you won’t end up with any white and empty pages at the end.
  4. Printed on real photo paper the color quality and range is just perfect, for personal and professional purposes.


Not convinced yet?

I am so, so happy with the quality and feel of my photobook and I just ordered the most standard version you can get at Saal-Digital. If you want to level up your photographs, even more, you have a huge amount of options for the cover, photo paper, and even a gift packaging – and all that for a reasonable price. So check out their site to take a look at all the options.


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