Ricardo Dutkowiak | 1996 Menden (D)

I use photography as the medium to communicate my interest in emotions, memories and identity. Fascinated by psychology and how exactly emotions and memories are created I want to clarify which impact they have - for myself and for the viewer. Through the use of my camera and by creating interactive installations I immerse the viewer and project very personal stories or feelings onto them.

Leading and reoccurring threads in my work are the relationship between memories and reality, identity and how our society is drastically influencing them.

Moreover, I am eager to create a balanced combination of aesthetics and concept, in my personal projects as well as in commercial work.

About Ricardo Dutkowiak


Selected Clients
Conny Janssen Danst
Verena Sati Mediendesign
Ruhrliebe Hochzeitsplanung
Milou Pasman
Andres Mattos
Mickey Nerrings

Focus, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, 2016
Homeportraits, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, 2017

2017 Nightcrawler, Woodrake, Single cover photo
2017 Homeportraits,Conny Janssen Danst, photography
2017 Protected Adjustment, Mickey Nerrings, published by the Willem de Kooning Academy, photography